Thursday, 27 May 2010

Advice to a Son Getting Married

This is all so new to me--
telling someone dear to me how to do it
already muddled by having done
some of it wrong all by myself
Trained in commandments
Let me try a New Decalogue
Thous shalt not want everything
(thus never wanting anything)
Consciousness is Pandora's box
which unleashes infinite desires.
Thou shalt not dominate or be dominated
You two doves could savage each other
It has happened so gently before
Thou shalt not be too discouraged
Remembering Emily's sweetest failure
Invest yourself in your only present
(which need not be anybody else's future)
Thou shalt not be ashamed
to admit to temporary or permanent failure
Even this holy wedding will end in death
Some day, or sooner if you're thick and unfeeling
Prepare for it by ignoring death insolently
Living our your lucky love
(as you must love yourself)


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