Sunday, 19 September 2010

Meanstream Media

Ah yes, our polymath editor. Please add "Tactical Methodism in his media madness" to his register. And don't get surly about last names, Boss.

While there may always be something rotten in the BSR, there are greater hazards impending.

In my judgment, we need another rhetorical revolution to deal with our newly meanstream media.

Beginning with sports and movie star adulation in the 1920's, we have infantilized our moronic masses into "thinking" that Rush, Glenn and Laura really think when they flatter their listeners with silly rants. We have demeaned our republic into a mob of childish feelers out of touch with a thin veneer of Nobel laureates.

Schizoid, we slip zillions to our politicians and wonder why our public agendas stall.

Until we leave our sand boxes, we will continue to stumble and fall intellectually. (If we don't go broke, flailing, first.)

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