Thursday, 4 November 2010

How Wall Street Hid Its Mortgage Mess

Hmmmm! US has the world's highest incarceration rate but apparently no time for justice for wealthy liars.

You must be poor to get incarcerated in America. Take our former U.S.Supreme appointed President:: no punishment for DUI, no punishment for being AWOL from the Champagne Squadron (Itself an upper class dodge to avoid Vietnam service), serial bankruptcies, the last of which involved unpunished insider trading.

Hmm! It pays to be upperclass in America. Bush took those funds stolen from his unwary investors to the Texas Rangers, where he became,pronto,a brush collecting millionaire on a West Texas ranch. Nice example for our hyper-incarcerated poor youth. And we're teaching democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan?

Please. Blackwater has no valid teaching credentials. Nor Cheney's former employer.

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