Monday, 5 March 2012


Paul Hendrickson: Reading about your new Hem book, I noticed the Detroit youth. I graduated from U of Detroit (1949) with a long forgotten pal, Bill Hendrickson. Are you related?

I got a Carnegie Post Doc Fellowship in 1957 to create a new AmCiv course on Mass Culture at Penn and became my mentor Gilbert Seldes gofer at the new Annenberg School. Did departments ever file course descriptions? I'd enjoy seeing what I wrote on Mass Culture as I relish my senility in Weimar, Germany, writing an autobio,"Dumb Irish Luck: A Serendipitous Memoir". I write for the Philly U of the Arts website.

You might enjoy my recent piece there on "My life in Luceland." Look forward to reading your Hem, who killed himself the week I took over as the first director of the Institute of American Studies at the EastWest Center in Honolulu. It paralyzed me for a week. PH (Your "phendric" signature puzzled me for a while, assuming it was some obscure psychic shtick!)

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