Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Burning in Hell

On Prosecuting Evil:

Capital punishment remains in my opinion barbarous. Incarceration during which the guilty improve the human condition is preferable, a kind of secular purgatory.
Burning in hell for eternity is the expression of a barbarous hate, unworthy of any decent God, were there one. I learned to disbelieve in that reputed Him because of his egregious punishments. I’d rather spend eternity in hell than bend my knee to such a monstrous “Creator.”
If our human race survives another century as gratuitously evil as the 20th, it will be after we abolish poverty and gratuitous exploitations of all kinds. Sounds like a long shot to me, but no other aim is worthy of a more civilized humanity.
Patrick D. Hazard
Weimar, Germany
August 18, 2013

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