Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Near Missus

The Older You Get
The fewer you want to do It with
Reminiscing Golden Oldies
Is more a joyful hour than a miss
Spent evening not really
Together in bodies slowly
Rebelling against TIME lost

The more you try so hard
To remember their names,
Breasts, lips, and soothing old Golden Triangles
Bring us erections
To erect a bedraggled old penis
It’s easier to recall what we did, ate, saw,
Than how we came
Alone or almost together

The first came, at 23 and 20. A
Double failure, all ass at last in
Dearborn Inn, Henry Ford’s Mausoleum,
Not back in Detroit in our own beds
Embarrassing our Virgin Mothers,
Ignorance frustrating simple joys

The second Trial fizzed funnily
It was her first attempted temptation
In our best friend’s house
Guarding our privacy from embarrassment
From his front room TV
At her callow 35 versus his used to 74, she was
More than satisfied with a meagre blessing
Never having felt one before
He never having had so innocent a student
Thinking about his fled first wife
And their now grown children
Loving their own lives.

We new two
Feeling each other up
And down, recalling their recent
Being married on the main steps
Of San Francisco City Hall
Almost 4,000 miles from the first debacle
We would never learn
To be perfect lovers.
But good enough is more than great!

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