Saturday, 15 January 2011

WikiLeaks and the End of Privacy

Dan’s canny recollection of his experiences as a young underling and then overlord of his first news job in small-town Portland, Indiana bespeaks an autobiography to be sweetly relished. I hope I’m still around to read what he remembers of my stumbles over AIDS and anti-Semitism in the Welcomat (circa 1990), and why Seven Arts magazine went under (circa 1996), and how he talked the University of the Arts into sponsoring the Broad Street Review in a time of fiscal crisis. We are indeed all small-towners in the Internet era!
Patrick D. Hazard
Weimar, Germany
January 1, 2011

Editor’s comment: The hangup is: Who will play me in the inevitable film version of my autobiography? Kirk Douglas, Richard Widmark and Lee J. Cobb are all dead.

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Debby Applegate said...

Dear Dr. Hazard,
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Thanks so much for your time and attention.

Debby Applegate
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