Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dear Danny and the Deer

In the Park/Im Park
by Joachim Ringelnatz
(Translated by Patrick D. Hazard).

A tiny deer stands by a very small tree
It was two after eleven at night
And I came along again at four in the morning
And there still dreamt that deer
Now I creeped up to him
Scarcely breathing against the wind
To the tree
And gave the deer a tiny push
And there he was in gypsum.

Ein ganz kleines Reh stand 2am ganz kleinen Baum
still and verklärt wie im Traum.
Das war des Nachts elf Uhr zwei.
Und dann kam ich um vier
morgens wieder vorbei,
und da traümte noch immer das Tier.
Nun schlich ich mich leise--ich atmete kaum-
gegen den Wind an den Baum
Und gab dem Reh einen ganz kleinen Stips.
Und da war es aus Gips.

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kathy sweeney said...

Happy birthday dear patrick.
Thinking of you...missing you...glad to read your blog each day.
love to hilly and danny my dear sweet friend.