Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ambitious Seculars

The self-destructive uselessness of the religious Right-eous belies their generous but ineffective good will. They share the Official Creed of the Reigning Elite: a Technological Theology in which Abundance Abounds automatically from their "benign" programs.

Three generations of distractive mass media have reduced most American voters to a moronic level: hence the absurdities of Palin as a Presidential Propect or Christine O'Donnell as a Senator. (She couldn't make Class President in my high school.) But we must not pretend that all the Christian Righties are diabolical. Mostly they're appalled by the Impending Chaos.

And ambitious Seculars like Damien Hirst are corrupting the humanistic potential of Art by sheepishly following the dead end of Neophilic Modernism (Anything NEW is ipso facto significant!).

It's not going to be easy, backing off from Armageddon. But we must take a crack at it. The wonders of creation are too glorious to be cynically written off as already a self-destroying flop.

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