Friday, 24 February 2012


On abuse in the RCC:

I know a great deal about the RCC through its intellectual (not sexual) abuse of my life. My father, a Captain in the AEF in World War One, abandoned us in 1930 to flee with his secretary to a bigamous life in Las Vegas. My brother Mike was born in 1920, nine months after their marriage. I didn't come until 1927, a testament to their frustrated sex lives (My mother, a pious Irish Catholic, never got a divorce but lived a miserable life alone).

In 1999, the cynical buck-grabbing Detroit Chancery gave me an annulment of my 1950 marriage for $100. because she wanted to marry the man I beat out in 1950. Our marriage basically foundered on mutual sexual innocence. Three years in a minor seminary didn't enlighten me and she was abused by her jailbird father.

Most Catholics don't know that "(w)holy" chastity was a "wholy" fiscal maneuver of the medieval church to keep its land holdings and wealth intact. Except for secular saints like Dorothy Day and UD professor John Coogan, the clergy is a bunch of second raters who couldn't do doodley in the seculare.

Ratzinger put the kabosh on the Church adjusting to the twentieth century when he banned Liberation Theology, which had the temerity to follow Jesus' love for the poor.

Dr.Patrick D. Hazard, Weimar, Germany.

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