Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Rat's Wimp

Regarding We are All Nuns:

Maureen Dowd commented that Benny XVI re-earned the sneer "God's Rottweiler" with his arrogant put down of the "sexist"nuns. I prefer to call him "A Rat's Wimp".

Wimp because Hans Kung told me the aroused seminarians at Tübingen frightened this wimpy effeminate climber into fleeing to Regengsburg. He noticed that the Polish Pope rejected Liberation Theology drifting in from an enchained Catholic Latin America. So he went along.

He further displayed his wimpitude by covering up for pedaphiles as the Bishop of Munich, the first link in that total disgrace. History will record his fatuous palaver over nuns and sex as his Galileo disgrace.

Borgia sexists installed celibacy to preserve Church holdings. The pious pussycat we know as Benny XVI is a rat who wimps when he should be strong and rats when he wants to rise. He nailed his pal Kung for good, rat that he is.

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