Saturday, 11 August 2012

Media Masses

Regarding Aesthetic Formations:

The role of print culture in imagining new nations for disparate rustics is interesting cultural history. But those pre-nationals had for centuries been mediating variant versions of religion, and when push came to shove in those discrete European sixteenth century pre-nations, political power centers decided which  ideas were in charge.

That centuries later, Caribbean disk jockies assembled odd new aggregations and Scientology and Mormonism used TV to spread their quirky  news and views is curious but only theologically trivial. Church leaders preach their ever changing "truths" to console their anguished congregations.

Meanwhile scientists carefully use reason to understand more fully the human mechanisms we share. Media patterns however theologically expressive seem to me mainly to obscure essential truths about human existence. They are entertainment of a very special kind. By their very nature, destructive of scientific truth.

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