Thursday, 6 September 2012

Forms Follow Functions

On When Church Became Theatre, architectural historian and religious studies scholar Jeanne Kilde

This fascinating history of changes in church architecture might justly be imitated in all aspects of the modernizing of the structures we modify to better express our ideals. Forms follow functions.

Indeed forms make new function feasible. In early modern domestic architecture, major architects like Mies van der Rohe were so obsessed with ART they inadvertently made their forms unfunctional. 

As the great feminist, Dr. Marie-Elisabeth L├╝ders, noted in "Form" (1927)  Mies's Weissenhof Siedlung apartments were unfunctional from a female point of view: no room for wet clothes to be changed, so much glass that tykes scrambling on the floor would get pneumonia, open the kitchen door and the wind blew out the gas oven.

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