Sunday, 9 September 2012

Taking Exception to Exceptionalism

Regarding Stathis Gourgouris:

Exceptionalism is the plague of theological discourse: Sharia prevails, no matter what. Judaism prevails in Israel, pity the poor Palestinians, enslaved by God's permission. And the most dangerous Exceptionalist "theology", secular America is God's gift to global history and you better fall in line.

Alas, American Christianity is infantilizing an entire generation, dispreparing them for the 21st century. No Evolution in the common schools. No sex education. Flagwaving displaces thought.

In the light of gross decivilizing pressures, metaphysical discourse in universities seems like pissing in the wind, colorful but humanistically useless. No exceptions: semi-blinded cultures stumble into secular apocalypses.

The crucial agenda: live and let live,  before competing Exceptionalisms destroy us all. Charity eclipses all fanciful metaphysics.

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