Thursday, 18 July 2013

Glass Houses

Re "People who live in glass houses"--
Susan E. Washburn’s pun about not stowing thrones is memorable. Our first house (1954) was a National Home Cape Codder. At $4,000 (with $400 down, $40 a month) it was ideal for a new couple with three kids. (I’d still be there if I hadn’t snared a Ford grant to study media in New York.)

When I was offered a job at Trenton State, we rented in Levittown, Pa., until we moved to Greenbelt Knoll and bought a Louie Kahn ($29,000, sadly sold in 2010 for $119,000!). Most of that went to buy the third floor of a 1783 villa in Weimar, Germany.
All were well designed and affordable. And I’m finally skeptical of showplace modernoid architecture for its energy wasting ways and lack of permanence. After 50 years of romancing that defective modernoidism, I’ve fallen in love again with gables and the idiosyncratic pizzazz of Van de Velde Moderne. I know what I dislike!

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