Thursday, 7 October 2010


On Carlin Romano, Cosmology, Cambridge Style: Wittgenstein, Toulmin, and Hawking: Surely, the issue is not science versus cosmology.

The issue is the tendentious God-flogging of those who want to turn our science-based institutions into mendacity machines, viz., the systematic efforts to banish evolutionary science from the high school classroom or the televised effort I observed yesterday on CNN of an Atlanta mega-preacher working his congregation into a frenzy of false approbation over three young men who are suing the allegedly homophobic preacher for seducing them.

Manic theism is dangerous, as in Shariah law or enraged anti-abortionists killing doctors. As a former professor who majored as an undergraduate in philosophy at a Jesuit university, and "did" logical positivism at its apex in graduate school, Carlin's loving skill in tracing the congruities and disparities of Toulmin and Hawking is a glorious remembrance of long forgotten lucubrations. But like a scientist with faked evidence, life is not a seminar.

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