Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Promise and Perils of Chosenness

"This almost chosen People" indeed! To corrupt a prescient Melville, "Nature's last best Hype." Surely we doth protest too much. Our Winthropian "City on a Hill" revealed its pseudosacredness in our wars with the Amerindigenes, not alas culminating in the Trail of Tears.

American Exceptionalism is exceptionally self confusing, making our uncritical citizens schizoid. The president of Iran parried Larry King's TV gibe yesterday about Iran's persecution of dissidents by his noting 2.5 million jailed Americans, grossly disproportionately poor and minority.

As for Israelis, both Catholics and Muslims believe they're divinely chosen. Not to forget the Evangelical Christians who are eagerly welcoming the End Time. They may indeed hasten that fate with their Godforsaken foolishness. These sentiments from an ex Catholic seminarian who considers his mentors, I.F. Stone, Gilbert Seldes, Studs Terkel, and Bertrand Goldberg. None of them believers.

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