Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rich Wars

On SCAD scandal: It was Ronald Reagan who enthused over his personal commitment to let Americans be rich again. He should have added that his outsourcing the industries that made a middleclass possible was the second half of his moronic philosophy. $45.000 per student is a real multiplier.

I wonder if the tenure-less faculty was equally blessed. Fit this madness into the structural delusion that America, the City on the Hill, is exceptionally lucky that an Evangelical God keeps making us Number One. Eisenhower's final warning of the threats of a military, industrial complex proved oh so sadly true.

Those multiple grunt suicides yesterday in Fort Hood reveal a truly class-ridden society in which underclass peons take the hits while upperclass West Pointers know it takes wars for US lucky few to make General. Bush's fraudulent war to make the Middle East safe for democracy was preceded by LBJ's adolescent fear of losing in Vietnam. As if we didn't.

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