Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Steve Jobs' Home

Homeboy: I had no childhood home as my abandoned mother sent me to a boarding school. But my first chosen residence as a husband was a Charles Goodman National Homes Cape Cod prefab, $6000, $400 down and $40 a month. His work in a demotic America deserves the praise squandered on hip phonies like Frank Gehry whose buildings are covert walk-through sculptures to his alleged genius. Boo to these avantgarde booboos.

And I spent four years in Levittown, which contrary to the Upper West Side Manhattan snobs, was satisfying good value. For 50 years I had the great pleasure of owning ($23,000, 1959) a Louis Kahn three bedroomer in Philadelphia’s Greenbelt Knoll, that city’s first experiment in racial integration.

Now I live, retired, with pleasure in a 1783 villa in Weimar, Germany. Phillip Johnson parvenue obsessions have corrupted American discourse on what is “great” as opposed to “grate” architecture. Everyone in America deserves a satisfying residence, in spite of the banksters who fiddle with mortgages and suppress lower class income.

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