Monday, 18 June 2012

Talking with Your Fingers

John McWhorter is the Noam Chomsky of the 21st century. He's even a big improvement. NC pontificates. John lays his evidence before you. Not a pushy overgeneralizer.

My interdisciplinary American Studies Ph.D saved me the grief of having to accede to NC's obscure pronouncements! Noam bullies. John provides evidence. He  is a meliorist.

Chomsky is a secular theologian. Never so clear as when a lowly missionary on the Amazon observes details contradicting his high faluting generalities (and how his silly sickophants surround him!)

Chumps. I call them. Chomsky's monopoly on linguistic speculation reminds me too much of the Euro postmodernist mystiphysicians who have garbled humanities discourse for two generations. John is a sign the harrumphing is nearly over. He clarifies communication teaching.

The postmods huff and puff polysyllabically.

McWhorter's word is simplify. Stop showing off. Bless him.

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