Sunday, 6 October 2013

Surreal Estates: the Building Scandals of East India

The disasters get worse and more frequent. A factory collapses in Bangladesh! An “apartment” crumbles in Mumbai, India. 

The only thing these unacceptable human abuses have in common is their cheap solutions of manufacturing for mass markets in the “developed” world! 

A parallel moral disaster is the buildings of Qatar: “buying” a job to escape an underdeveloped home country followed by yielding passports to bosses, thereby incarcerating thousands of “builders”. 

Surely there must be legal ways to dis-incarcerate these new slaves. 

High rises in Dubai derive from the lowest illegal blows in history of the metropolitan “blooming” of these Middle East oilocracies. 

Who in the so-called “civilized” democracies are responsible for these inhumane abuses?

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